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About YoWindow project

YoWindow is the new generation of weather program.
The magic of YoWindow is the living landscape that reflects actual weather.

Original YoWindow is the #1 weather program on CNET's

What's inside?

1. Picture reflecting actual weather - clouds, rain/snow, grass swaying with the wind, fog, thunderstorms.

2. True astronomical calculations - Sun and Moon, daylight.

Weather in Oxford

3. Move in time! Watch the weather forecast exactly at the moment you need it.

4. Seasons change in sync with nature.

5. Animated landscapes - Village, Seaside, Airport, Oriental plus 1400+ picture based landscapes.

6. Full featured weather station - lots of information.

7. Surprises :)

We hope you will love watching the weather as we do.
YoWindow team

PC World review Rated 4 stars at SnapFiles

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